Quicklet has streamlined our invoice processing. Our sales team now has access to customer, inventory and invoice information from any laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
— OPTILAB, electronics manufacturing and distribution.

increase users

anytime, anywhere

Grant secure access to your sales team, warehouse and accounting team with no extra configuration or software upgrades.

Access invoices, customer data, inventory items from any browser, mobile phone or tablet, 24x7. Check on invoice status at your customer site or at home.


seamless synchronization

Quicklet's patented technology (US Patent #20120117125) enables real-time synchronization to/from QuickBooks Desktop. No kludgy file transfers, no XML file gobbily-gook.

no upfront costs

No crazy, complicated pricing.
Just $20 per person, per month. No long term contracts.

easy implementation

It takes Quicklet just 5 minutes to implement and integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. No weird setup, no weird configuration.  

data ownership

Quicklet stores data natively in QuickBooks. In the unlikely event you discontinue Quicklet, you still own all the data.

invoicing, inventory, customers

Quicklet supports your sales operations from invoicing to inventory to customer management.